Pastor Bruce Melton - July 13, 1936 - September 08, 2017

   When Regina and I left for the mission field in October of 1997 we did so by saving a little money God had blessed us with, by working for a communications company. We felt the Holy Spirit moving us by faith to learn spanish and ministry from family in Costa Rica and we immediately (as you can imagine) became very poor. It is impossible to support a family with so little for three years. Language school had to be paid for, as well as a plethora of other expenses but - God had a plan. His ways are not our ways and his thoughts are not our thoughts - Is 55:8

   Before the Fellowship had a formal internship program and with just a few who desired to work in restricted access countries, it was necessary to further our training towards living in Cuba. Twelve pastors and their churches, (Regina and I still remember them) sustained us during this very important time. Our financial support from these churches was around $700 a month which made living by faith a daily reality. While the finances were important we were even more humbled by the prayers and love of our family, friends and these twelve churches.

   These were not hard times, they were very blessed times and it was because of men like Pastor Bruce Melton (one of the 12) and his sweet people of Central Baptist Temple (Today CrossPoint Church) in Huntington Beach California, that made this possible. Pastor Melton, by faith, took us on for support without us having traveled to visit the church and later, after preaching for Bro. Melton in California, I learned he was the very definition of what makes the Baptist Bible Fellowship great. His testimony and this great church now led by Pastor Bruce Garner (an incredible friend) has never wavered for 20 years.

   I wish I could be at Bro. Melton’s funeral today, yet must continue the ministry here on the field within the congregations Bro. Melton has touched in so many ways. We pray this honors him not only by our existence but as proof that Bro. Melton loved the Great Commission and spreading the message of Christ’s salvation to the world. The apostle Paul said, "For me to live is Christ." Since before I formally knew Pastor Melton, Christ was the source of his life. While today he is celebrating in heaven and is talking to Jesus, without a doubt, he too is declaring - "For me to die is gain." There is no loss today, only gain and an eternal celebration with Christ.

   From all of us in Familia Avance: Las Iglesias Biblicas Bautistas: Pastor Alberto Rodriguez and the Bible Baptist Church of Santa Fe in Guanabacoa, Cuba; Pastor Nestor Sierra and the Bible Baptist Church Emanuel in La Lisa, Cuba; Pastor Michel Fuentes and the Bible Baptist Church in Campo Florido, Cuba; Pastor Jose Sanchez and the Bible Baptist Church in Pinar del Rio, Cuba; Pastor Cliford Borgelin and the Bible Baptist Church of Croix des Boquet, Haiti; Pastor Jean Dial and the Bible Baptist Church in Don Pedro, Dominican Republic; Regina Joy, John Tyler, Timothy Jordan, Tiffany Joy, JuliAnna Truth and Tom Franklin - we are humbled and in great debt to Godly men like Pastor Bruce Melton.

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