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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 16:58

Noche Loca - The Panty Hose Tight Race

Noche Loa - Clown Tryouts - keep 3 balloons up as long as possible

Volleyball - 2 courts rotating.

Three prospects from the San Francisco Giants are here - soo cool - our guys are playing there guts out for them. Guy raising his hand is from Santiago

Ohhhhh yeaaahhh we got some Piiiiiggggggssss!!!!!!!!!!

Getting ready for the Olympiades del Puerco

25% of MLB players come from the Dominican Republic - if you were sitting with me and Regina today in the dugout - you'd understand why!!

All the boys got kicked out bit me for disobeying the rules - lol - I just

The ball of death

Now we have to feed them pigs. Group of 10 counselors in a huge circle just

This in the guys dorm calmed down about 12:30 and about 3:30 I told a few to Shut up - :) - then everyone was wide awake and ready to go at 6:30a.m. We are cAmPiNG. Yeah!!

Hora Loco - Giving the milk

Noche Loca - Feeding the babies

All the counselors after the message worked individually with each young person and 25 received Christ as their personal Savior

Green wins The strength Test

Hora Loca - Who can last the longest?

Checking Applications and putting on wrist Braslets

Lining up for Boca Chica - The Highlands from our churches parking lot

Eddy welcoming the campers - To Tierra Alta

So far we've found bullets but no gun!!! yeahhhh