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Tuesday, 29 September 2020 20:38
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Tuesday, 12 May 2020 16:58

JuliAnna taking care of the puppies


JuliAnna says the little boys are harder to take care of than the girls. :)

JuliAnna ❤️'s marshmallows and Tiffany ❤️ 's her bike.

Extremely cool cactus tree - in the middle of the Arizona dessert.

Not sure exactly what JuliAnna is studying this morning. ?

The champion of "Hit the Shooting Star" was JuliAnna. :) She crushed it.

Tiffany turns 11. We had tie dye (very inky), Bingo and lots of music and

Joshua came to church this morning with my Chacavana on.

Decorating Cookies with the Neighbors

Thanksgiving Pretzel Turkeys. Mmmmmmm

What Tiffany can get into at La Sirena is truly amazing

JuliAnna has been running a fever all day - Sox refuses to leave her side -

Gearing up for fall season (8 evangelistic camps). Spoke to 30 in our

San Francisco Giants swept the Texas Rangers today at the Highlands to win

Kids are having a blast in our barrio. Just a few more nights left before

Tiffany cleaned her steak bone immaculately. Our pooch Sox just can't stop

JuliAnna's 7th - we love you baby!

Getting it open

Soft and furry will have to do.