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Her wish - to marry Daddy - Huh - that's not happening. :)

Make a wish

Singing Happy Birthday

JuliAnna's 7th Birthday - Two sisters - lots of fun.

Do you remember when that huge gaping hole first appeared in your life?

And the Pig Olympics has begun

Starting Slide!!!

Soap slide is just punishing!

The Spider Web

The pit of muuuuudd

Girls are having a blast

Tube relay

The navy seal tube war. The one with the most rings on there side of the pit wins. Pretty simple but very hard.


It's the Piglets turn.

These piglets are Navy Seal Vicious!!!

The Tractor Tire Pull

Nothing like getting washed with a Firehose. Gets a pig clean real quick.

Gabi - Rosa and Aristi'd Sobrina

Pastor Dial with Jefferson who he lead to The Lord today. I had the honor